You may think that M. Night Shyamalan’s greatest skill is his legendary twists, but he has another underappreciated talent. Shyamalan is great at creating rapper names.

Exhibit A: Mid-Sized Sedan

Mid-Sized Sedan is a famous rapper in the 2021 movie Old. This name does not appear in the graphic novel source material and is probably Shyamalan’s greatest contribution to the writing. His other changes attempted to explain or expand the world, where the source material simply allowed it to be a work of symbolism.

Exhibit B: T-Diamond Stylus

T-Diamond Stylus is the nom de plume of Tyler, the 13-year-old rapper-to-be in the 2015 movie The Visit. He’s not very good yet but he’s definitely putting in the time. Unlike most of Shyamalan’s movies, The Visit is definitely worth seeing. I can only attribute this to it also being a Blumhouse movie.