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An article has been circulating around the internet recently which describes a mythical cord cutter's dream package, an internet only package which also includes access to HBO Go. Normally to use HBO Go you have to have a cable plan, but this plan promises streaming access to HBO for the same price as an internet only plan. If you read the fine print it's actually an extremely basic cable plan which also includes HBO which is masquerading as a cord-cutter plan, but who cares if the price is right.

The other fine print on this is that it's an experiment only available in some markets. I'm happy to report that I am in one of those markets and it is awesome. The plan was not listed on the Comcast website. I had to call twice and talk to different people describing the plan in different ways (e.g., by price, speed, etc). They finally found it and it ended up costing me $5 extra per month to get streaming access to HBO.

There are other response articles circulating about how this is not what it seems because the price listed is an introductory price for new customers, but isn't that how every cable plan is? The bottom line is, in my market it's $39.99 if you're a new customer, $69.99 if you're not, you get 25Mbps internet, access to HBO Go, and access to Comcast's Streampix service. HBO Go is viewable from many devices including Apple TV, Roku, iPhones, iPad, Android devices, and of course desktop computers.

Posted on Nov 5, 2013
Written by Emlyn Murphy