First Post

It's been many years since I've blogged anything. The last time I blogged, moblogging was just starting to become an exciting new thing. Now nobody knows what that is and blogging from your phone is simply called blogging. So it's been a long time, but lately I've been getting the itch. Sometimes one wants to publish something of substance. Sometimes an opinion is particularly well formed and quite a bit longer than 140 characters. Sometimes I have synthesized some piece of technical information that isn't on the internet in one place but needs to be.

I think the tipping point for me in deciding to blog again was when I heard Brett Terpstra's Systematic Podcast Episode 9: Gabe Weatherhead and the Blog As A Personal Log. Like most programmers, as I work on various projects, I accumulate a lot of notes. Blogging the solutions to my own problems not only benefits others, but I just may be googling something some day and find the answer on my own blog.

Posted on Nov 4, 2012
Written by Emlyn Murphy