Cactus for Mac

It happened again. Somebody made the app I wanted to make. I have been interested in making some sort of static blogging app for the Mac. I wanted it to be really polished looking and have built in publishing to Amazon S3. That is exactly what Cactus for Mac is.

For the uninitiated, static site generation is when you use a tool to compile a site down to plain old HTML. It's much more efficient to not have a dynamic language generating the pages from a database each time someone views your site. I post so infrequently on my site that having my blog be statically generated makes perfect sense for me.

Besides the native Mac app, there are several other aspects of Cactus for Mac that make it very appealing to me. It's of great interest to me that Cactus evolved out of the work of the folks at the great Mac app software company Sofa. I also like the fact that Cactus uses Python behind the scenes to build and for extensibility since I like and have worked with the language. Lastly, I like the fact that it's relatively limited in scope and self contained. I have the tendency to like minimal solutions to problems.

Posted on Apr 3, 2016
Written by Emlyn Murphy